On the fringe of supervising the book gallery at the central library of the university “The Rector of Constantine 1 University pays tribute to the role of the university book in upgrading the scientific research and developing it.”

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On the fringe of opening the gallery of the central library’s new books at the university, Mr. Shoul Ben Chahra, the rector of the university Constantine 1, stated that the university allocates a reasonable budget to buy books, in different forms: written, audio and electronic, so that the student as well as the scholar can approach to the information, which he said, ‘… The university Constantine 1 allocates a specific budget to buy the last scientific publications in different fields.  Our goal is to have a good quality and quantity of the necessary pedagogic and academic knowledge for all the university family.  As is well known, developing knowledge backgrounds is important in order to accompanying science language, knowledge and research, especially, after the radical transformation of the Algerian university, from educational into economical, which provides the Algerian market with scientifical qualified elements that built their own startups through the ministerial decision No. 1275 – University Certificate - Startup, University Certificate – Patent’.

Mr. Shoul Ben Chahra adds that in order to have a complete access to the world of knowledge economy and artificial intelligence, we need a suitable and well-prepared university environment for students and scholars. He expressed that the needed environment is what we are working on through providing important digital documentation resources to facilitate information access in the right moment which is due to the improvement that university Constantine 1 have achieved by making big steps regarding digitization and the use of technological media in all its faculties and internal structures.

During a speech at the opening of the new collection’s gallery of the central library, Mr. Shoul Ben Chahra, the rector of the university Contantine 1, emphasized on the role of the library in students and university’s teachers’ improvement regarding their scientifical research path through the diversity of the cognitive and scientific resources that it provides. This was due to the modern technologies that is used to get the required information.

Mr. Shoul Ben Chahra did not miss the opportunity to appreciate the role of the central library’s staff for their hard work in order to provide the students and teachers with the appropriate environment which is made through a competent and experienced members in the field of office and documentation. He also mentioned that their work is related to the most sacred thing in the world which is the book.

Reported by: Wahiba BENCHETTAH

Cell of translation: Club Cafépolyglotte

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