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Published in News and Information April 23 2020

بمناسبة حلول شهر رمضان المبارك لسنة 2020م/1441ه يتقدم السيد مدير جامعة الإخوة منتوري قسنطينة 1 إلى كافة الأسرة الجامعية من أساتذة, عمال و طلبة بأطيب التهاني راجيا من المولى عز وجل أن يهل علينا هذا الشهر بالخير و البركات و على وطننا بالأمن و الأمان وأن يرفع الله عز وجل عنا هذا الوباء، وأن يوفقنا جميعا إلى صيامه و قيامه و يجعل لنا حظا من الثواب فيه و ينور بصائرنا بالحكمة و الرشاد.

رمضان مبارك

مدير الجامعة
الأستاد الدكتور محمد الهادي لطرش

April 16, 2020

Published in News and Information April 16 2020

On the occasion of the "Science Day" celebration, Frères Mentouri University-Constantine1 expresses its warm and sincere congratulations to the entire Algerian nation.

The University of Perpignan Via Domitia has just launched a call for applications for excellence mobility grants as part of the Erasmus + International Credit Mobility Program (EMIC) for the 2020/2021 academic year.

As part of the National Solidarity Movement in the fight against the spread of the Corona virus (Covid 19), we have the honor to communicate to you the accounts that the government has allocated to allow citizens wishing to contribute to this movement to deposit their donations:

  • Treasury account: Covid. 19 13737, Algeria.
  • Postal current account: Covid. 19 200 key - 12, Algeria.

Covid 19 Bank Account (BEA): For donors in foreign currencies:

  • In euros: 002001121123000001/46
  • In dollars: 002001121123000002/43
  • Pound sterling: 002001121123000003/40


Please find below a questionnaire on the Corona Virus COVID-19 established by the Environmental Research Center of Annaba. Its aim is to carry out a socio-scientific study following the CORONA Virus COVID-19 pandemic that the whole world has suffered and is trying to cope with.
Questionnaire link:

As part of the mobility - Erasmus + ANLMed project, the Frères Mentouri Constantine 1 University, launches a call for applications for three (03) mobilities at the University of Vigo, Spain.

The duration of the mobility is 05 months and the students concerned are the students in 3rd licenses (L3):

- CMIL, Department of Mechanical Engineering ;

- PMI, Institute of Science and Applied Technology – PMI.

For any information contact the Project Manager: Prof. Salim Meziani, at ISTA, Ahmed Hamani Campus, ex ZARZARA

Application form =>

Our teaching contents

The CEIL provides you with a learning program of your own, spread over 4 levels:

  • Level 1 beginner
  • Level 2 intermediate
  • Advanced Level 3
  • Level 4 strong

Gradually allowing:

  • The acquisition of a language skill
  • Access to the diversity of linguistic registers of certain types of communication, which.

Will enable you :

  • To say what you have to say in the target language
  • To express your thoughts easily in all situations from day to day: in your classes in your offices - during your trips abroad.
  • To read and understand any documentation written in a foreign language.
  • The linguistic postulate according to which
  • Every language is rooted and developed only in the context of the situations in which the act of communication takes place.
  • And our creed, being in complete agreement with our mission.

Registration fees

  • For students, university workers 4000 da
  • For extra-academics 8000 da

These fees cover the entire year of study.

Documents required

  • Two photos
  • Photo copied from the national map.
  • Certificate of tuition for students. Work certificate or photocopy of the diploma for extra academics.
  • An envelope (medium format).

The results of the applications for access to the 3rd cycle doctoral doctoral examination for the 2019/2020 academic year are published on the PROGRES ministerial platform

NB: To consult your results please enter your username and password of the application on the link

  • The candidates selected to pass the competition, must print their convocation via the same platform.
  • Unsuccessful candidates may lodge a complaint via PROGRES.

Programme des Concours (Epreuves)

The procedure for submitting applications for access to the first year Master, via the PROGRES platform, under the quota of 20% of open positions, will be launched on Sunday 06 October 2019 until 09 October 2019.

the application site is:

In order to consult the national opened masters please consult the following link:

Obtaining application accounts is done at university level (University, schools, university centers ...)

To obtain an application for the UFMC1 (University of Mentouri Constantin 1) please go to the central library or the first floor of the administrative tower (central campus) with a piece of identification and a copy of the Baccalaureate.

Important dates:

  • From 06 to 09 October: Applications submitted by applicants
  • October 10 to 15: Processing of applications by university institutions
  • From October 16th to 17th: Automatic processing of the wishes of the candidates (based on the satisfaction of the best wish obtained by the candidate)
  • October 19: Proclamation of the results (the selected candidates will have to print a mandatory form, which will be presented at registration)
  • From October 20th to 21st: Final registration The selected students will register for registration at the acceptance institution with their application and the printed document via the PROGRES application platform.

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