Book of Abstracts JIPC2-14 et 15 Déc 2016

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Étude de l.pdf





A Study of the structural and electronic properties of LaX.pdf










Behaviour of dislocations near phase boundaries inbicrystals of FCC materials.pdf





Book of Abstracts.pdf










Caractérisation physique de matériaux hybride résultante de Polyaniline et Nb3Sn.pdf





Characterization and thermal analysis of some Al.pdf





Characterization of PbS nanoparticles trapped in Y zeolite by X ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy.pdf





Comparative Study between Eight Statistical Laws Applied to Wind Energy.pdf





Comparative study of fluid flow and thermal transfer between usual fluids and nanofluids in a heated horizontal pipe.pdf





Couches minces.pdf










Cristallographie Glass.pdf





Decolouration of Orange II solutions bythe active layersof Cu.pdf





Development and characterization of iron oxide.pdf





Dielectric and electrical proprieties of Nano.pdf





Effect Of The Solar Tracking On The Performance Of A Cylindrical Parabolic Concentrator.pdf





Effect of ph on the properties of electrodeposited Coprous Oxide nanostructures.pdf





Effect of thickness on the properties of NiO thin films prepared by sol.pdf





Effects of Cd doping on structural and optical properties of TiO2 thin films prepared by sol.pdf





Effects of inclination angle on natural convection in cubic enclosure filledwith Copper.pdf





Elaboration and characterization of α.pdf





Elaboration et propriétés structurales des nanoparticules bimétalliques Ni.pdf





Electronic and magnetic properties of As10.pdf





Enhancement of natural convection flow using nanofluid in an annular space between confocal elliptic cylinders.pdf





Etude numérique de champs thermique des écoulements de convection naturelle à hauts nombre de Rayleigh dans la partie haute d.pdf





Etudes des propriétés structurales.pdf





Etude théorique structurale et spectroscopique infrarouge et Raman de 4.pdf





Fabrication and characterization of pure ZnO thin films deposited by Sol.pdf










Forced Convection Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamic of a Taylor.pdf





Formation and thermal stability of ternary silicides thin films formed by the reaction between Co.pdf





Green synthesis and study of Cuprous Oxide nanoparticles.pdf










Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of ZnS nanoparticles.pdf





Influence des facteurs du milieu saharien sur le climat sous serre.pdf





Influence of Al doping on structural.pdf





Influence of green surfactant on particle size and optical properties of hematite nanoparticles.pdf





Interaction Elastique Dislocations.pdf





Investigation of the Different Shapes Effects of Nanoparticles on the Nanofluids Heat Transfer in Horizontal Annuli.pdf





Investigation of the multiferroics properties of the substitution ofSrin the BiFeO3matrixe.pdf















Magneticproperties of CuCrZrSe4.pdf










Modélisation calcul.pdf





Morphology and crystallography of Cr.pdf










Nanomatériaux Characterization.pdf





New procedure calculation of Kβ.pdf





Porous Surface Processes of Cu.pdf





Precipitation and dissolution kinetics of the δ phase in Cu.pdf





Preparation process of a highly resistantanorthite based ceramics using local raw materials.pdf





Propriétés Physiques.pdf





Propriétés magnétiques des deux composes spinelle cu1.pdf





Realization and Characterization of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell Using Natural Dye from Strawberry.pdf





Simulation and fabrication study of porous silicon Bragg mirror for thin silicon solar cells application.pdf





Structural, electronic.pdf










Structural Studies of the Fe.pdf





Structural and optical properties of Ag.pdf





Structural and optical properties of CuO.pdf





Structural properties of Al.pdf





Structural study of Fe.pdf





Structure Cristalline.pdf





Structure Cristalline et Conformation Moleculaire du Bromodurène.pdf





Structure and surface morphology optimizationof Nickel and Titanium thin film to their uses as Neutron guide.pdf





Structure cristalline du Bis.pdf





Structure cristalline du Diaminomesitylene.pdf





Structure of Dinitrato Sodium with Imidazolium Cation.pdf





Studied the dehydroxylation of AlgeriaHalloysite.pdf





Studies of the physicalproperties of theNowotny.pdf





Studying the nature of some graphite materials using Raman spectroscopy.pdf





Study of back metal contact effect on the CZTS thin film solar cells performances.pdf





Study of carbon ions interactions with mono.pdf





Study of fiber bragg gratings apodized with different apodiztion.pdf





Study of radiation damage induced in Si.pdf





Study of structural and optical properties of Fe doped ZnO thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis technique.pdf





Study on the solid state reaction between Co.pdf





Study the Boron Spectrums Induced by Laser Sublimation.pdf





Synthèse et caractérisation descouches minces d.pdf










Synthesis and characterization of Ag.pdf





Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 nanoparticles by ball milling process.pdf





Texture growth of AlN films deposited on Si.pdf





The effect of ZnO additions on the porcelain mechanical properties.pdf





The exploitation of a local raw material dolomite to prepare magnesium.pdf





The hydrodynamic stability of laminar boundary layer flow along a horizontal plate with suction.pdf





The influence of measurement temperature on electrical parameters of CZTS thin film based hetero.pdf





Theoretical investigation of Structural, electronic.pdf





Theoretical investigation of structural.pdf





Thermodynamic assessment of the Co.pdf





Updating the Algerian Solar Potential.pdf






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