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Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Researchers

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The Scientific Committee of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers - Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation announces the opening of the nomination for the award for the 2019 edition, which amounts to $ 20,000 twenty thousand dollars. The award recognizes outstanding scientific output in the five years prior to the nomination.This publication will lead to an increase in scientific and applied knowledge, contribute to solving priority problems locally, regionally and globally, and disseminate a culture of scientific research.The deadline for acceptance of applications is 31 March 2019. Fields and themes for the 2019 session: (Medical and Health Sciences) in the following topics: 1. Molecular Genetics: Including genetics of diseases, gene therapy, genetic engineering, genomics, genetic diagnosis 2. Progress in the Treatment of Life-Threatening Diseases Field of Basic Sciences) in the following subjects: 1. Mathematical Modelling 2. Physical Chemistry Field of technological and agricultural sciences in the following topics 1. Arabic Natural Language Processing including Tools, Utilities, and Helping Computers to Process and Understand Arabic Language Documents and Artifacts (such as: Speech, and Text) 2. Bio-Informatics and Other Uses of IT & Big Data in Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Medicine and Healthcare Field of Engineering Sciences in the following subjects: 1. Renewable and Sustainable Energy 2. Earthquake Engineering Technology Humanities, Social and Educational Sciences in the following topics 1. Strategies for developing Education in the Arab World 2. Media Industry in the Internet Era The field of economic and administrative sciences in the following subjects: 1. Strategic Planning and its Impact on Public Administration 2. Islamic Economy Nomination for the Award is done through the electronic system (click here) after reviewing the nomination conditions, by following the following steps: * Please note that the electronic system works on all Internet browsers, except (Internet Explorer) Create an account on the mail system and activate the account and login using your username and password. To learn how to apply online, click here to view the introductory video. Enter personal data, contact information and address. Enter work information and educational qualifications. Enter the scientific output information presented to the Award. Download the required attachments. Selection of pledge and application. As the first Arab award for scientific research and celebrates Arab researchers, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation launched the Arab Researchers Award in 1982. The Foundation seeks to support and highlight scientific research throughout the Arab world, and to participate in the preparation and inspiration of a generation of Arab researchers, experts and specialists in the various scientific fields. Under the limited possibilities of institutions, universities and individuals. Many of the winners of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers have achieved remarkable scientific achievements after receiving the award. Research and push for solutions to practical problems on the ground. Throughout its 35-year history, the Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers has been able to enjoy objectivity and credibility among Arab researchers and a reputation in the Arab academic community. This award recognizes outstanding scientific output that increases its scientific and applied knowledge, contributes to solving priority problems locally, regionally and globally, and disseminates a culture of scientific research. This is done in six fields approved by the scientific body of the Award, and determines the disciplines that are announced to compete in each of them, and these fields include: Medical and Health Sciences. Engineering Sciences. Basic Science. Arts, Humanities, Social and Educational Sciences. Technological and Agricultural Sciences. Economic and Administrative Sciences Many of the winners of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers have achieved outstanding scientific achievements after receiving the award, and some of them have assumed a prestigious or public place in their countries. Development stages of the Award: 1982: The Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Young Arab Researchers was launched. 1983: 5 awards 1984: 7 awards 1991: 9 awards - 1993: 10 prizes worth 5,000 dinars each - 1995: 12 awards - 2002: 6 awards, the value of each award $ 10,000, raising the upper limit of the age of the candidate from 40 years to become 45 years - 2011: 6 awards, the value of each prize 15 thousand dollars - 2013: New foundations for the award were laid: All candidates should be allowed to apply without any age limit. The name of the award became: "Abdul Hameed Shoman Award for Arab Researchers". All scientific disciplines were limited to six major fields instead of twelve. - 2014: 12 awards - 2017: 35 years since the tender process of scientific research and Arab researchers. Evaluation: The evaluation of the scientific output submitted and accepted for the award shall be conducted by arbitration committees composed by the scientific body of the Award with experience and adequacy based on criteria that ensure the objectivity and credibility of the results of the award, and its decisions are final and may not be challenged. The committees shall make their decisions to select or withhold the prize winners Award Components: A certificate containing the name of the award, the name of the winner, and the field in which he won. 2- A financial reward of (20,000) twenty thousand US dollars. 3 - Shield bearing the name and logo of the award. If two winners are entitled to one prize, each will be awarded a certificate and a shield, in addition to the financial reward which is equally divided among the winners. Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation announces the winners of the prize by appropriate means, at a date to be determined each year and a special ceremony is held to award the award


This  Tenth edition of International Conference on High Energy and Astroparticle Physics (TIC-HEAP) is set to be held at Mentouri University, Constantine in Algeria during the period of 19 to 21 octobre 2019 (Including the optional touristic trip on the 2nd of April). Held in  close coordination with the DGRSDT (The Algerian General Direction of Scientific Research), it will focus on discussing the latest development on particle physics, astroparticle and cosmology, as well as  strategically planning for Algeria to become an active  participating member of the CERN. It is timely for the Algerian particle physics community to join some of the LHC collaborations as well as other international experiments in experimental particle physics and in particular the Astroparticle physics ones like ANTARES experiment and the like. This is why we wish to associate to this meeting to the fullest extent young researchers worldwide as well as our sprouting particle physics community both locally based and from the Diaspora.



  • Particle Physics
  • Collider Physics and Particle Detectors
  • Astroparticle & Cosmology
  • Grid Computing in HEP
  • Special Topics in Theoretical Physics (Mathematical Physics, Quantum Information, Chaos Theory, ...) 

The topics will cover particle physics and related fields as well as accelerator physics from both a theoretical and an experimental point of view, as well as some related fields like Cosmology, HEP-GRID computing, while allowing for some theoretical physics topics for inclusiveness. In addition, we hope to set up new research collaborations and enhance existing ones. It will devote some time to discuss in  an open session the practical ways to establish a stronger  CERN connection in the light of the CERN-Algeria protocol, all in the presence of important actors from the CERN and ICTP and under the auspices of the DGRSDT (General Direction of Scientific Research).

We will also organize during the Conference an innovative  "Cirta-Contest" as well as an HEP Masterclass for the benefit of the physics graduate students of our University and various other Algerian universities (Links will appear soon).


=> Inscription: (International conference Hight energy and astroparticle physics)


December, 17-19, 2019, Constantine, Algeria

Welcome to the International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Control Applications (ICEECA’2019).

The Fourth International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Control Applications (ICEECA’19) provides a forum for specialists and practitioners to present and discuss their research results in the several areas of the conference, and also state of the art findings in using the applied electrical engineering and automatic control to solve national problems that face developing countries. The conference ICEECA’19 publishes papers on theoretical analysis, experimental studies and applications in the domain of automatic control and computer engineering. The objective of the conference is not only the exchange of knowledge and experience, since the conference is an open door to students, but also provides opportunities for researchers to target future collaboration on current issues.

The conference attracts participants in a diverse range of fields, including Control and systems engineering, Renewable Energy, Faults Diagnosis-Faults Tolerant Control, Large Scale Systems, Unconventional algorithms in control engineering, Signal and Communications  and some other related fields.

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