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    The web is a space of ligibility and of visibility,  It is here that is built the history of our university

    Adhering to the Information Company, that is mainly dominated by the multidimentional implication of Internet, the University of Mentouri Constantine elects residence in this space odyssey.
    If the renewed presentation of its website, rich in themes and provided with more headings, offers to the Algerian and Universal Internet community, an active relay where exchange relations are developed in favour of knowledge, of communication and of partnership whose basic background is the vast sphere of higher education and scientific research. the interface of this new version, presents a great wealth about the university and the environment in which it is placed, In addition to the ergonomics and the affability of the headings making up the different pages of this website, it also offers graphic and interactive interfaces allowing the communication between the Internet users and the university univers.

    It also extands to information linking the university and its scientific and social partners, otherwise, we also want to make the production of the Scientific and Technical Information One of the major missions of our university, a mission that fits in its dynamism and educational activities and research.

    Finally, this contribution will have the merit to engage our institution to actively participate in the process of dialogue and knowledge sharing.

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