The Vice Rectorate in charge of pedagogy assures the mission of the teachers' management, and the monitoring of schooling and of diplomas.

Three services assist the Vice Rector:

The schooling central administration Education, Teaching and continuous training Diplomas and equivalences

It takes over the following operations:

1. The reception and the registration of the new graduates:

  • Receiving the new graduates
  • Helping in their adequate orientation
  • Ensuring the regularity of their registration

2. Teachers' Monitoring

  • Providing pedagogical supervisions of quality.
  • Assuring the availability of advanced pedagogical supports.
  • Monitoring the accomplishment of the teaching tasks.
  • Students' life.

3. Diplomas:

  • Ensuring the regularity of the students' course.
  • Coordinating the operation of elaboration and of the issuance of provisional certificates of success.
  • Elaborating and issuing final diplomas.
  • Ensuring the regularity of the operations' of partial equivalences.
  • Being in charge of the authentication of pedagogical documents.